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The Rengõhegyi-Ormán Kennel

      Esteemed enquirer, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Kristina Szabo (Szaboné László Krisztina) and since 1976, at the age of 9, I have been interested and involved with dogs. I started as a dog trainer. My instructor was Vasteleki Peter. For six years I was actively involved with Ali, my German shepherd.
Csuk '98 Valencia
World Champion

        In 1982 Russian type dogs awakened my interest. For 10 years I bred Westeren Siberian Lajkas and in 1982 In Valencia, both our Lajkas became world champions. I did not place the following litters in shows because of the breed’s affectionate nature. Lajkas are extraordinary dogs. Their longing for freedom and their hunting instincts are so strong that keeping them in Europe is not possible. That is why I honor the Jancso family who for many years have dedicated themselves to the breeding, training and domestication of this breed.

         In 1986 I saw a description of a Middle Asian type Shepherd in a German Shepherd book which I found fascinating, but at that time I did not consider breeding them.
In 1988 I seriously considered breeding another type of Russian dog, other than the Lajka. I made connections with well-known Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian and other eastern European breeders. I got southern Russian, Caucasian and central Asian shepherds. After learning about the abilities of all three breeds I decided on the central Asian shepherd and I was not disappointed.
        For the past ten years my dogs have defined the Hungarian/Central Asian breeds characteristics. I try to keep in touch with breeders from Russia and Central Asia, their natural place of origin, and I go on all the expeditions to Central Asia where I get a lot of new information. Here I would like to thank all those who helped me and those who collected, on my behalf, photos and documents.
HCH Rengõhegyi-Ormán
Hasszán Kurgán

        Each spring my husband attends the big Russian club exhibitions and subsequent conferences under the auspices of the MEOE Karakan Club’s professional trade days, where we hand distribute the information we have gathered.
       Five years ago we formed the Middle Asian Shepherd dog owners and breeders “Friendly Round Table” and since then I have been the club’s president. This organization follows the MEOE Karakan Club’s professional guidelines.
There are a total of 18 shepherds in the Rengohegy-Orman Kennel including those in retirement as well as puppies. At the present time 10 dogs are used for breeding purposes.

They are:


Rengőhegyi-Ormán Hasszán Kurgán main breeder

Rengőhegyi-Ormán Ajna Diva
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Arga
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Hella
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Zefír
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Fondi
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Bjelka
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Puritán
Baska Achal-Tekin
Elmár Achal-Tekin

Over the past 10 years here are the awards that these dogs have received:

Dzsingíz World Championship ’92 Valencia,
European Championship ’93 Budapest, HCH
Andvoll Erkez Irtisz Young Dogs European Championship ’93 Budapest
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Karuk World Championship ’95 Brussels, BkHCH, ICH
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Kolima Young Dogs European Championship ’93
Budapest, VDH, Európa J.sieger '93 Dortmund
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Karim HCH
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Elixír BkHCH
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Nevada ICH, BkHCH
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Nor HCH
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Cicciolina HCH
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Degda Janga HjCH, HCH, D.-K. European Cup BOB,
European Championship Wien '99, ICH
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Ajna Díva HjCH, HCH
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Lia HjCh, HCH, Fiatal D.-K. European Cup Champion
Rengőhegyi-Ormán Hasszán Kurgán Hjch, HCH, '99 Derby Champion

MEOE Karakan Club Young Pup Club Championship 2000
MEOE Karakan Club Club Championship BOB 2001
2000 Champion’s Champion BOB

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